Part 2


Basque Health Department Building



Even though the glass structure around the building isn't above street level, I like how the reflective glass is extruded at different angles which reflects the building surrounding the health department. Since it has been modernised, the building really stands out from the other buildings on the same street which is eye-catching and I think this is a good thing because if I was to design something above street level, It should be able to stand out since pedestrians do not usually look up when they are busy commuting. 

Gulliver - Hut architektury Martin Rajnis / HAMR



The airship structure is made from steel and wood and it is situated in the middle of two buildings above ground level. The shape itself is pretty outstanding. Although I am not looking to making anything that is this huge, I think it is a good piece of reference since most of the structures are very futuristic but this one is made from wood which gives a nice curve effect once viewed from the inside. I would also like to open up my material choices for this project.

Propuesta para el Museo Regional de Atacama - David Rodriguez Arquitectos + Combeau & De Iruarrizaga Arquitectos


I chose to look at this model as a reference for the Threshold project since it is quite similar to my site with the sunken down parts. Although the threshold isn't clear in this model, but i think it is quite a good starting point when designing especially with a minimalistic model like this once which I can base my model with.

Foz Côa Museum


I like the minimalistic approach of this threshold. The concrete floor and walls makes the pathway clean and nice to look at, I also like the narrow gap that lets the light shine through. I think i will look into concrete was a material for the threshold project since I like how it looks when its concrete on concrete. 

Gallery of Casa Kwantes - MVRDV


Here's another minimalistic approach to the threshold project,  I like how the wall curves inwards to reveal another door/room. Since the space in my site isn't big, looking into small approaches like this one is quite suitable. The white bricks also makes the area look clean and simple.

Reading Between the Lines - Gijs Van Vaerenbergh


I really like how shadow play is used in this structure since it is able to play with the natural light, the pattern on the floor can alter during each time of day. I also like the see-through wall due to the cutout of the wall but at the same time there is still a barrier between the two spaces. 

Micro-Hutong - Standardarchitecture



I tend to be gravitating towards smaller designs and more simple and minimalistic approaches due to the size of my site. I really like this entrance since it is placed at an angle and it is somehow very welcoming. I also like the material used in this entrance way. 

Your Reflection - Guillermo Hevia García and Nicolás Urzúa


I like the concept behind this installation since it is designed for a leisure place/area it is attracting more people and with the use of the mirrors arranged in curves, I really like the curved shape since it goes well with the surrounding of the park. The mirror is also deformed so the reflection that is given off looks like an imaginary world. 

"To Spin a Yard" - Atelier Altern


The long extruded she of the structure is what caught my attention but after reading into it, it is actually made for growing vegetations which is used on a small island. Since structures like this one could be easily adapted and altered to fit different situations and site area, I thought it was a good structure to research about since it could be easily adapted to the Chelsea Physics Garden.

The Forest @ Pyne by Sansiri - TROP


This installation is a small piece that is based in a garden. I thought it looked quite interesting with the bended metal structures that could resemble a lot of different things. It is small so it could be placed at any corner of the garden and can be duplicated or altered to create something even bigger. 

Canada Blooms Garden - Asensio Mah and Harvard GSD


I think that something like this would be good for the CPG since after doing some research on the garden, the gardeners said that they want people to look at the plants more and I think that would be possible with plant pots like this one. However, I think that this would mean that the project would be leaning towards a more of a product design approach instead of something related to ASD.

In Flakes - Mount Fuji Architects Studio


Royal Ontario Museum



The futuristic take on a classic museum building is the first thing that comes to my mind when we got the Dense City brief. Even though this isn't entirely above street level, I think the shape and form of the extension to the building can be used to develop into other designs. I like the abstract form of the building from the outside since it extrudes out into different directions instead of being uniform. I think this is a huge statement building that could be spotted from a far which is what I'm trying to aim for for this project. 

Walk-on Balcony - Zalewski Architecture Group



I really like the concept behind this suspending pathway since it generated from a single thought but the architect then decided to design this free flowing pathway which is made from metal and even has grass on the pathway. Located above ground and in the middle of a courtyard, this is perfect for office workers. However it would be quite scary to be walking on a pathway like that especially if people are scared of heights. From the pictures and surroundings, the path also seems to be quite narrow and a lot of risks could occur from this. 

Second Wind 2005 - James Turrell & Simone Bossi



I don't think that this space is related to threshold but I tried to explore the different perspectives of the project so I tried looking at spaces from the inside and this once seems to have interesting shadow play which I should use to create my initial designs since i really like it.

Sports Centre Mülimatt - Livio Vacchini

5b13c16e7291027bab01d0552ae88a83 (1).jpg

I really like the tessellated triangles. Even though it is really simple by just alternating the triangles but the effect that it gives off looks really good. I would try this for my threshold initial design but I'm scared that because my site is so small, the shorter triangle shape wouldn't look as good if it wasn't placed somewhere with a high ceiling. 

Please Touch the Art - Jeppe Heine


For the PLOT project, I wasn't sure what I wanted to design for so I started looking for outdoor installations and stumbled upon this installation which uses mirrors and is arranged so that people can interact with the mirror as well. I think the installation is quite simple but it is clever and this sort of design could be used for different functions. 

Living Pavilion - Ann Ha and Behrang Behin


I think if something like this was proposed into the CPG, the garden would attract more people since I think it is a really nice installation made from cubes that is arranged together into a curved organic structure. It would be a nice and quiet place for people to relax and hang out in the garden as well as look at the plants. 

Surface Deep Garden - Ansensio Mah


Trylletromler - FABRIC


This installation follows a similar pattern to the one above, I actually really like the shape and the cut out as wells how it is placed higher than ground level. I also think that designs like these can be adapted into different things. Ill try it out with the site I chose. 

Dynamic Relaxation - HG Architects


Energy Roof Perugia - Coop Himmelb(l)au



This piece of structure is placed in the middle of two buildings, above a passage way. It acts as a energy generator for the city which is what the architect was aiming for. At first glance I would've thought it was just a modern structure but after reading into the piece, I found out that the structure actually consists of three layers that generate electricity. From this, It would to good to design something that serves a function for the people in the area. 

Antwerp Port House - Zaha Hadid



Just the shape of the building itself is eye catching especially when the building was designed for a shipping company and is located next to a port. The shape of the building is similar to a ship/boat and by using mirror/reflective glass, the surroundings are reflected which plays with the sunlight making it look more modern compared to the building below. However I think that the shape is a little big for what i will be designing so I'll have to take scale into consideration about my site.

'Stormcloud' Installation - Oyler Wu Collaborative



The free flowing shape of the installation together with the sturdy metal pillars is a good reference to look at when it comes to the shape and form of the Dense City project. Since I want to be able to explore organic and free flowing forms as well has geometric shapes, I'll have to look into materiality as well since it would be harder to built something if the material isn't right. 

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust - Belzberg Architects



I like how the threshold cuts through a hill area into the underground but I don't think i could use this and refer it back to my threshold work since the site isn't similar and it would be quite forces. I do like the glass panelling on the sides of the walkway, I think that would be nice to use in my ideas. 

Gallery of Imam Reza Complex - Kalout Architect Studio - 2


This wouldn't be something that I would gravitate towards since I don't really like the appearance of bricks and I think that the different brick arrangement is quite much but I though I would include it because the material could be altered and the design could be changed but since this idea could be applied to any wall / space I thought I might include it for more ideas.

Gallery of Part to Whole - HG-A



Blind Trust - Gensler



I thought I'd include this installation due to the top part of the design. As can be seen, the top has a cut out which allows light through. Thinking about my threshold site, this could be done to the top of my design and combining the different references together I think i can come up with different initial designs that could later be developed. 

Times Eureka Pavilion - Nex Architecture


ZIGHIZAGHI - OFL Architecture


“Into and Out of,” site-responsive Mylar panel installation


Constell.ation II - LIKEarchitects

2 (1).jpg


4 (1).jpg

To be honest, I'm not a fan of this installation since I think it looks a bit too childish with the red glow in the dark colour. However I chose to incorporate this due to the location. Since it is placed in a site that is similar to the CPG, I thought that making installations similar to this one would work since it could attract more people to the garden and it is also kept light touch which is what the brief is looking for. 

Elegant Deer Fencing - Lisa Bynon Garden Design


After choosing my site and area of where I wan to build my design proposal, I thought fences like this one would be a nice starting point since it can serve different purposes. I do think that the design is too simple but if it is placed with other designs as well it might look nice.