Part 2


15 NOV 2018

When part 2 started, we were given a task as an introduction to ASD. The group was split up and we had to do collaborative research on questions like 'What is architecture and spatial design'. My group was allowed to use the internet to find out different sources of information based around architecture and spatial design. When we introducing ourselves to each other and stated why we chose ASD, I found a clear link that most of the people in the group was interested in how people interact with the space we are in and how buildings/architecture shape how we live our lives. As for me, I chose ASD because I want to explore different aspects of how humans are shaped around the city or buildings we live in as well as an interest in the future of architecture and spatial design and how it will be like in the future with new technology and materials. We went out of the boundary of what is architecture and started to find other links that the internet provided but soon we started sharing our own opinions without using the internet which I found to be a lot easier since I enjoy hearing what other people thinks and their thoughts on ASD. 

22 NOV 2018

Today was rather fun in the studio since we had to get into groups and make a suspending model from modroc and plaster to create a structure that could be used for our dense city project. It was a simple exercise that didn't require much thinking when making the structures but I really like how the end product came out for every group. Once the modroc dried up, we all had to flip the structures so that it would reveal the suspending part. We then drew the structures and I found that this exercise was really beneficial for me since it gave me a starting point of my initial design ideas. I was quite stuck at first since I didn't have the creativity to draw like the other projects but after drawing the structures and then combining it with other drawings, this gave me a pretty solid idea to work with. 

7 JAN 2019

After we got our new project and brief, we headed to the Chelsea Physics Garden which is a private garden situated next to the river and is enclosed off from the outside. I had to work on PLOT B which is an area off to the side of the garden that has a seating area consisting of historical plants and an opened green space that we couldn't go on. I began by looking around the area and observing what could be redesigned to what needed to be there so that I could get a starting point on the project. I then took some measurements and pictures of different things in the area since my idea didn't really sparked when  I was still at the garden. 

After coming home and looking at the pictures I took, I began to plot out the different elements which i liked about the garden and then thought of the poles and the wires at the site that didn't look particularly nice in the area. Another thing I thought about was the material sample of the plants at the garden which was displayed so that people can feel the plants. I thought this would be a good interactive idea but I just wasn't quite sure as to how it would come about. I then did some secondary research on why people visit gardens and how does it make people feel before sitting down and drawing my initial designs. 

15 JAN 2019

Today we just worked on our ideas individually and later on we got into groups and sat down to talk to Cristina about out work. I showed her my progress and the feedback that I got were quite critical. She suggested that I look into something else in the area since my design would not be useful since I am trying to block out the garden and that I should let the garden in more which I understand and agree to her point but the thing is I didn't want to change my design and rethink about everything so I went back to see how I could make the garden closer to the people visiting instead of changing my whole design.  

19 NOV 2018

Today we were introduced to our new project brief which was about Dense Cities and Form. We started out by looking at ancient maps of an area which is not densely populated in order to create a design that surrounds the idea of suspension or  hanging architecture above street level. I found the concept of the brief very challenging since there aren't a lot of architectural structures that are above street level or on top of a building. The examples seen from secondary research that I found doesn't really fit my style and I find it to be quite hard to adapt to my own designs. We then started making site context models which is a really nice solid base for the project and I can see myself using this model making technique in other projects as well since its quite easy and simple to understand (However I still would prefer making CAD models). The only hard part about the site context model is the accuracy of the building, some buildings have more complexity in them so cutting out the card needs to be more precise. We also learned how to use the basics of photoshop along with combining microscopic organisms and the ancient map that we found together to create something that could be used later on for the project. I thought the idea was fun but I found myself struggling with linking this to the actual project brief.

29 NOV 2018

Starting out a new project called Threshold, we began off by surveying the Archway area to find any blockages that we could use to open up the area or space to create a threshold. I was quite confused with the brief at first since I wasn't quite sure what the brief was asking for and what we were suppose to look for around the area but after clarification and less thinking, I recorded the site with pictures and videos that had a blockage that could be used for a starting point to the project. We then came back to discuss the site with the class and then did some university talks for BA Architecture places. 

8 JAN 2019

In the morning we had a little discussion on the research we did over the winter break and the research we collected from the CPG yesterday and shared out ideas in the group. It was interesting to see how different people who had the same area could come up with different designs and by linking this to the research we did, everyone had different pieces of information that could be used to come up with good design proposals. 

In the afternoon, we made some quick sketch models as a response to the CPG and the research we did. I do not think that my sketch models were successful since it was quite hard to come up with designs for something that would take more than 1 minute to make. The area I chose also had a lot of different elements so to come up with something off the top of my head was quite a struggle. From the sketch models I then was able to come up with initial ideas and designs that would link to the CPG and fit peoples needs.

17 JAN 2019

I was quite nervous for the crit today since the representatives from the CPG were also here to look at our work. We didn't really get feedback on our work since they went around separately so we didn't get to explain the work. However, there were feedback sessions from other 3DDA students that went around the rooms since we all alternated and looked at each others work. I found the JFFA work to be quite research based while the PDC student's work were quite well made, I enjoyed looking at the outcome of the other pathways since we only have visualisations and models in ASD. The feedback I got from the other students were that my visualisation was quite clear but they wanted to see more idea development through the work which is understandable. 

20 NOV 2018

We were given instructions on how to convert 2D suprematist paintings into 3D architecture models. Since I did not get to choose my picture, I got quite a complex picture which I had to convert into 3D. We were working with foam board and had to build up the structure so that the top view of the architectural model looks more or less like the suprematist picture. It took me quite long to finish the model since it had many small pieces that were a pain to cut out of the material we were using. Arranging the pieces and coming up with each structure was also quite frustrating since I am a perfectionist and therefore I want all of the parts to resemble the suprematist picture but due to the difficulty of the picture I got, I wasn't able to place everything where I would have wanted it to be. I thought the exercise was quite fun since we got to make models but I don't really see how it will connect to the brief that we were given or how I could link it to my work. However, It is useful to know how to make this type of model for other future projects. We then got on to drawing the 3D model in different elevations as well as an isometric projection. The process and finished drawings and models can be seen in my sketchbook. 

3 DEC 2018

We learned about the term precedence in Architecture and how we could borrow someone else's idea that has already been constructed and use this in our own work. This is a very useful way but I would prefer designing something that isn't like other buildings or structures but it could be useful when ideas run low. I also tried to incorporate precedence in my own work instead of coming up with my own designs, I borrowed someone else idea and adapted it to my work so that it would fit in the area I chose. I then talked to David about my site and the blockage I chose and got some inspiration from him since he said the blockage that I chose could be interpreted vertically and horizontally which got me thinking before carrying on with my initial designs and final visualisations. 

14 JAN 2019

Today we continued with out initial ideas and idea development for the CPG project. I found myself being stuck since the area that I chose seems to have very little that I can design for/alter. At the beginning I thought it would be a good idea to choose this area but after drawings and drawings of initial ideas and after development them, I came to find out that I was stuck since I couldn't think of anything drastically different. So instead of changing the whole area since I already came too far to change my whole project, I just decided to develop the ideas that i already had and tried my best to alter it even though the design that I suggested might not be light touch anymore. 

As for the afternoon session, we looked around the class to see other peoples work and even though we were so restricted with the CPG, everyones work didn't turn out the same which was quite impressive. I love walking around to see other peoples progress since not only do I get more motivated to do work but it makes me a bit more creative and think of things in a different perspective. 

22 JAN 2019

We started a new project called synthesis where we had to pick up a project from previously and rethink the idea and come up with a new proposal. I knew exactly what I wanted to do since I felt like the Dense City project went by really fast and I didn't really got the chance to enjoy it as much as the other project so I though that this would be a good opportunity to do so. 

Apart from the new project, I didn't really do much in that day since we had to talk about materials but there wasn't enough time to go around the whole class so I just did some material research and went back to the Dense City project on my own.